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Cambourne Volunteer Police Cadets

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Adventure Challenge Weekend
Friday 15 June 2018

Ardwhallan Outdoor Education Centre, West Baldwin, Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom, IM45EU

15-17 June 2018:

This Adventure Challenge is a weekend of Adventure and Fun. Over the weekend you and your team will be asked to complete a series of tasks and challenges to test your teamwork, co-operation and resourcefulness. The Challenge will run over the course of 2 days, beginning with activities on the Friday night from 5pm, and challenges finishing on Saturday evening. After this there will be a presentation and disco/Karaoke in the evening, followed by a series of optional tours around the Island on Sunday to round off the weekend. The teams should be comprised of 6 young people each.

Cambridgeshire Voluntary Police Cadets want to send as many Cadets as want to go to this event, we will be providing the bus and ferry tickets to the Isle of Man.

We are asking for just a £10 deposit ASAP from each Cadet to secure their place so that we can book the travel for the right number of attendees, it is our intention to meet all costs of this weekend for our Cadet

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@cambournepolicecadets *[Creator]
19/11/2017 17:43
If you wish to attend this event please confirm ASAP by ticking the ?I?m going? button and bring your 10 to Cadets on Tuesday. If you are unable to pay the 10 at this time please ask a parent to sent a private message via Timedrop and we will work something out...we don?t want anyone to miss out.

@cambournepolicecadets *[Creator]
24/11/2017 18:38
There has been exceptional demand for places at this event from all seven units across the force. Due to this and the limitations of how many Cadets will fit on the transport provided the force VPC coordinators are asking for each Cadet interested in attending to represent Cambs provides a written expression of interest.

@cambournepolicecadets *[Creator]
24/11/2017 18:40
...This should of be no longer than 500 words and should detail why the writer believes they should be considered to attend, what personal qualities they will bring to the team, and how they will represent Cambs. Good luck !!

@cambournepolicecadets *[Creator]
07/06/2018 13:38
**PLEASE NOTE** I have spoken with the organisers, they have some sleeping bags but advise that if Cadets can bring one then they should do so. My apologies for the vagueness of the message. I would suggest that if at all possible people try to bring their own. Ds Draper

@cambournepolicecadets *[Creator]
14/06/2018 08:50
Looks like there may be a bit of rain ?? this weekend...make sure you bring a waterproof jacket!!!

15/06/2018 15:44
Has anyone heard if they have arrived safely? Dylan’s not replying to texts!! Lol. Thanks.

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