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How it works

Communicating your calendar of events should be easy, but it's just not. You might have to update your website, post on social media, send emails and even send text messages just to make sure people know what's going on and when.

Timedrop is the only platform that allows you to have a calendar that people can actually follow. All you have to do is add your events and your followers will receive notifications informing them of any new events, updates or cancellations. Your followers can save or commit to attend your events and even conveniently pay* for them via the app.

Timedrop is perfect for anyone who runs classes, lessons, fixtures, activities or any other type of events. Timedrop will help you communicate your events like never before and best of all it's free so create your account today!

What it does for you


Allow people to stay up to date with your events by following your Timdrop calendar


Dashboard statistics on who will be attending, saved and paid* for your events


Communicate new events, updates to existing events and cancellations instantly


All followers receive a push notification through the Timedrop app and email alerts


Receive payments directly through TimedropPay* or use your own provider


Followers have instant access to your calendar on desktop, iOS and Android


Share your events in seconds to your social media accounts directly from your calendar


Sync your website's events by adding your Timedrop calendar to your existing website


Let your audience know you're on Timedrop with promotional emails & posters

*TimedropPay: Customers pay for events through TimedropPay. TimedropPay is a process that allows event organisers to take digital payments directly into their bank account. This is an optional service, there is no obligation to use TimedropPay should you wish to use your own payment service or gateway.

Don't just take our word for it

Nadia Alkoc
Rescheduling or cancelling a class is so easy now

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Elm Park Houghton Centre
No more hoping enough players turn up

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Common problems that Timedrop solves

Q. When is your next event?

Q. Is next week抯 class on?

Q. Who抯 coming on the 14th?

Q. Does anyone know if we need to bring anything?

Q. I didn't know last week抯 event was cancelled?

Q. Can I pay you next week?

Q. Did Darren pay his subs last week?

Q. How much money have we taken this month?

Frequently asked questions

How it works

Timedrop is super-simple to use and perfect for any type of activity or event. Communicating your events has never been as easy!

How do I start?

Easy. Sign up and add your events. That's it, your very own free Timedrop calendar -*yourname*. Then just get your members to follow your calendar!

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