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Your life is a series of events

Whether it's Zumba on Tuesday, your child's parents evening on Wednesday or going for a drink with friends on Friday, your life is a series of events. With so much going on in our lives most of us struggle to remain organised when it comes to knowing what events are on and when. It's so easy to forget about an event because you forgot to write it down, you missed that email, or because it was buried within your social media timeline somewhere. If this is you then Timedrop is your new best friend!

What Timedrop does for you

Never miss an event

Follow calendars that play a part in your life. From your exercise classes and school calendar to the best nights out, Timedrop organises these events into one beautiful timeline.

Always in the know

You'll be the first to be notofied about new events, updates, cancellations and comments all in one place. You'll no longer need to read newsletters, visit the event pages or timetables of multiple websites or trawl through your inbox to organise your schedule.

Pay for events in seconds

Paying for your next class or event has never been easier. There's no more rummaging in wallets or digging down in pockets for cash. You can pay for events directly using the Timedrop app.

Don't just take our word for it

Mark Golby
At last me and my wife are organised

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Michelle Crowther
Who carries cash anymore? Not me!

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Common problems that Timedrop solves

Q. How do I know when your next event is on?

Q. Is there a class on in 3 weeks time?

Q. Is my friend going to the event?

Q. What events are going on this Saturday?

Q. Has the event been cancelled?

Q. Can I pay you online as I have no cash?

Frequently asked questions

How it works

Timedrop is super-simple to use and perfect for everyone. Staying up to date with events you need to know about has never been as easy!

How do I start?

Easy. Sign up and start following calendars that make up your life. That's it, your very own free Timedrop profile!

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